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  • Together with our International partner and agencies we are proud to provide the following:
BNH subsidiaries utilizes the most advanced Tongs and Computerized Torque Control Systems for monitoring Tong, Torque / Time, Torque / Turn, Torque / Turn / Time and R.P.M. to detect the Tubular damage or deficiencies. The division is expert in handling and running of high Chrome Tubular as we are utilizing non-marking dies for the Tongs and the Elevator / Spider. The division is staffed by professionally qualified Personnel with wide experience in the gulf area ‘To Do Job right the First Time for the following services:
  • Specialist in Running and Handling Oilfield Tubular
  • Running Casing All Sizes
  • Running Single & Dual Completions
  • Specialized in running CRA Completions by utilizing Grit Face Dies
  • Drill Pipe And Drill Collar Power Tong
  • Bucking Frame (Make-Up & Break-Out Unit)
  • Drilling Equipment Accessories
  • Thread Cleaning Service for OCTG Tubular
  • Thread Inspection and Pipe Drifting Premium Thread Inspection / Chrome Tubing Consultants
  • Computerized Torque Control System & Crews
  • Tubing & Casing Handling Tools
  • Assembly Make-Up Services.
  • High Torque Bolting Unit & Crews
  • Pick-Up & Lay Down Machine
  • Casing Auto Fill-Up Circulating Tools.
  • Casing Cold Cutting Services


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